I Finally Tried DisneyBounding!


Sometimes I feel like I’m the only Disney fan out there who has yet to try DisneyBounding. (In case you’re totally unfamiliar– DisneyBounding is when you create outfits inspired by Disney characters with regular clothes, not actual costumes. It started as a way to get around the rules in the parks that guests over 14 cannot wear costumes, but it’s spread to a whole movement and now lots of fans Bound even when they’re in their hometowns.)

I knew I wanted to create a Cinderella look for my first DisneyBound, and I originally intended to wear it to Boston Ballet’s Cinderella last month. Everyone I’ve spoken to about DisneyBounding has stressed that you should start in your own closet with pieces you already own. I’m sure this tactic works out great for some, but as it turned out I actually owned nothing with colors that were even remotely close to being useful for a Cinderella-inspired look.


Long story short, I had to buy this entire outfit (so putting this together was pretty time consuming because I made sure these were pieces I’d wear again outside of this one day). As a result, I didn’t find everything I needed for it before I went to the ballet, so I ended up taking the outfit to Florida with me on vacation instead (and WOW was it hot posing in this sweater on a 95+ degree day in Orlando!).

Read the entire process I went through to create my first DisneyBound on castlepartyblog.com and check out some additional photos from this look around Disney’s All Star Sports Resort and Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa below. (+ If you have any tips for DisneyBound newbies like myself, please get in touch!!)






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