2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Writers

The holidays are here, and if you’re anything like me, you’re doing lots of last minute holiday shopping online. While looking for a gift for my boyfriend, I came across lots of gifts that I think other writers would also love, so I thought I’d put together a quick gift guide! I’m always looking for new coffee mugs and any practical tools that can make working as a full time writer easier, but I love fun accessories too that give a nod to this passion of mine, so hopefully I’ve put together some helpful ideas. (This post contains affiliate links.)

“Fk Off, I’m Writing” Coffee Mug ($17.95)

I do think $17.95 is a little steep for a mug on Amazon, but I could see pretty much every writer I know getting a kick out of this mug. Aside from the obvious, it’s a pretty standard mug, but if you have a writer on your list who would appreciate the sentiment and perhaps the vulgarity, this could be a solid option.
Click here to purchase from Amazon.

Things to Do/Library Card Notepad ($16)

I LOVE this. If the writer on your shopping list is anything like me, they are always keeping to-do lists. While I have to admit, I do tend to just stick to a notebook for this kind of thing, I love adding something more interesting like this to my desk, and I think it especially makes a great gift where it’s something thoughtful a writer may not be buying for themselves but would still enjoy.
Click here to purchase from Unique Vintage.

Bibliophile Reader’s Journal ($14.36)

I have this journal, actually…I have a lot of journals…but this is one of my favorites! It helps you quickly jot down what you’ve enjoyed about the books you’re reading and has sections to pull out favorite quotes and note other books by the same author you want to read. It feels a little like a book report or summer reading list for adults, but I think reflecting on what I like about the writing in books I’ve read has helped me shape my own writing if that makes sense.
Click here to purchase from Amazon.

Typewriter Key Necklace ($70)

Uncommon Goods has a lot of gifts for readers and writers, so I couldn’t possibly put them all into this gift guide, but if you’re still stuck on a gift I recommend heading over to their website to see what else they have (think library card tote bags, scarves with thousands of words of prose on them, so many bookmarks, etc…) I’m not a huge jewelry person, and when I do wear jewelry, I really love when it reflects something else I’m passionate about. I think these typewriter necklaces are so neat and would be a great gift idea for the holidays (they come in cufflinks, too, if that’s more your jam.)
Click here to purchase from Uncommon Goods.

Everlasting Comfort Lumbar Support Pillow ($34.95)

Writers spend a lot of time sitting behind their desk, so back support is definitely something they’d find helpful. This is the pillow I have and it works really well. My only complaint is that it takes up a lot of space on my chair, but my chair is on the smaller side so I would blame that, not the pillow. Of course, there are lots of support pillows and cushions to choose from so you should be able to find one to fit your writer’s needs.
Click here to purchase from Amazon.

Hand Massager with Heat ($69.99)

I haven’t tried one of these yet, but it looks incredible. If the writer on your list is anything like me, their hands get tired. This hand massager should help relieve stress and tension in their hands so they can get back to writing.
Click here to purchase from Amazon. 

Athleisure Clothing

Old Navy

If you’ve worked at home at all during COVID, you might be familiar with what I’m about to say…I want to be comfortable, because I’m working from home, but I can’t wear straight up pajamas every day. I don’t think it’s just me, but pajamas all day seems to affect my productivity. I need to feel like I’m getting up and “getting ready” for work even if I’m still wearing something comfortable. And, I need to be able to run the store real quick without randomly having to change out of pajamas in the middle of the day. I like to look at Old Navy and Target for athleisure pieces, but you can obviously find these wherever you shop!

Bracelets by BeautifullyBookishUK on Etsy ($14.60)

I LOVE these. While I was looking for gift ideas for this post, I found a lot of the jewelry I came across to be a little too cheesy for me honestly. These bracelets however are adorable and I would totally wear them.
Click here to purchase from Etsy. 

Creating Character – A Workbook For Writers by PennyLuckBoutique on Etsy ($24.99)

This workbook has everything you need to create profiles for whatever characters you are hoping to write. It’s full of thought provoking questions to understand your own characters as you write about them to make your readers that much more invested in them. There aren’t a lot of workbooks that I typically find useful but this one looks really helpful.
Click here to purchase from Etsy. 


Writers pay for a lot out of the tools they need for their craft out of pocket, and many times they either are not purchasing them through work or are not employed in the traditional sense (ie: freelancing) and expenses are not covered. Microsoft Office, Grammarly, literary magazine subscriptions, Book of the Month, and maybe even Canva or Buffer, it can all add up fast. A great gift would be to cover the subscription cost for one of these services to help them succeed.

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