My First Paint Night at Muse Paint Bar

I just celebrated my best friend’s 30th birthday at Muse Paint Bar, and wanted to write a quick post about my first time going to a paint night! (This is going to be a short one because I am pretty swamped with work and didn’t otherwise have a Blogmas post planned for today, but I don’t want to give up so soon into the month!)

First off, Muse was a great place for a birthday party. It was a surprise party for my friend Amy, and it really was a fun event for the occasion. She did catch us all in the private room before she walked in because she could see through the big, glass window, but honestly that was on us. We all said only about 30 seconds or so before she showed up that she could probably see inside the window, so whoops! She was still surprised overall and that was a fun aspect of the night.

With the private room, Muse provided a couple of snacks like popcorn and tortilla chips, and we were able to go into the main studio space to order drinks from the bar or order from our seats by scanning a QR code. I had a couple of glasses of Riesling and they were perfect to go with a night painting with friends! The bar also had a couple of specialty cocktails plus more wine and beer, and sangria, along with additional food options like warm pretzel bites and boneless wings.

As for the class itself, it was so much fun! Our instructor started by having us mix the colors needed for our painting. I really loved this part because right away everyone’s colors came out slightly differently and it was really interesting to see everyone’s creations. After mixing, we got to painting and the whole class was just so easy to follow along that really anyone could do this and have fun regardless of experience.

I did go to one paint night before, but I think this one was structured much better. I went to a trial run for a paint night at an art gallery my former coworker worked her other job at. While that one was BYOB which was nice, especially at the time when I was in school, I think the painting itself was a little more advanced (and it’s possible that was intentional where it was at an art gallery, for all I know I was the only newbie to painting there) but it was so advanced that in that painting I felt like I made some totally unfixable mistakes and while I had fun I really just didn’t love the look of that painting.

At Muse, I think our paintings came out well enough that they do look interesting, whether or not you like them personally. But they were easier to paint– I don’t know if it’s that their instructors were more experienced in gearing the class towards all skill levels or if it was just an easier subject, but I’m happy with how my painting turned out and I really loved everyone’s paintings. No one’s painting looked “bad,” which I know is totally subjective anyway, but they all just looked a little different but probably equally “good” if that makes sense.

I can’t wait to do another paint night, and would love to bring Josh to the next one I do as I think it’d be a fun date night to go out and do something a little different.

Muse has locations in multiple locations along the East Coast, you can find the closest location to you and learn more here.

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