DisneyBounding is Hard

Hi. I want to like DisneyBounding….I really do. It’s just so hard. I feel like I’ve given it a few solid attempts, and I just can’t seem to get the hang of it. I’m not really sure what this post is, aside from maybe a cry for help, but as a huge Disney fan, I really do just want to love it.

In case you are unfamiliar, DisneyBounding is basically when you create outfits using regular clothing that are inspired by characters (or in some cases, attractions, hotels, etc…) It shouldn’t look like a costume, it should look like regular clothes, but you should be able to tell who or what someone is DisneyBounding as if it’s done well.

I have tried so hard a couple of times. A few years ago I even completed an Instagram challenge where we posted a different Bound every day, and it was just so challenging. Maybe I shouldn’t give up on it and I should just practice more. Or maybe it’s just the kind of creativity that I don’t possess, I’m not sure. The whole experience was just more stressful, in some cases trying to buy clothing for looks (which I know you really aren’t supposed to do, but I had my heart set on Cinderella and had nothing in my closet that would work)  or just working out poses to take the photos.

I guess my issues with the poses not working out well or my amateur photographer aka my then boyfriend using my DSLR camera that he did not have much experience with, could be more blamed on social media than DisneyBounding, but it still caused me some stress. There are people who do this all the time, and if I can’t get the poses down or get halfway decent looking photos the whole thing felt rather pointless. I know it probably isn’t supposed to feel that way, but it was kind of like, if the photos of me DisneyBounding aren’t worth posting then why bother?

This post might not make a whole lot of sense, but I figured I’d just ramble about it because it is something I would like to get more involved with, I just really don’t know how to start. Maybe fashion just isn’t my thing in the first place, I don’t know. But creating all of these looks felt like work, and I wish I knew what I was doing wrong to make it more fun.

Ok, to further demonstrate my points, here are some of the photos that didn’t make my socials. Again, maybe I just don’t get what I’m supposed to do, but I find the time it took to get all of two photos that felt “usable” so much more aggravating than the whole thing was worth:

Is part of my issue that I overthink everything? Like was pretending to lose a shoe while DisneyBounding as Cinderella overkill? Because the photo certainly doesn’t work and taking these pictures at our hotel in Walt Disney World just felt like a task that was keeping me from the parks.

Again, am I just overthinking these poses? I think so. Am I humiliating myself by sharing these photos in this post? Sure, but if you find it entertaining at least there’s that. The above DisneyBound was supposed to be Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. I thought picking up the stick would somehow look Star Wars-y…I was wrong.

These pictures of me attempting to DisneyBound as Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort were taken in November. At a beach. In Massachusetts. It. Was. Cold. The picture further up in this post was a split second of me laughing at dog walkers on the beach wondering what the hell I was doing wearing a bathing suit at the beach in November, and somehow I actually really like that photo of myself. The rest from this shoot at just me looking miserable and cold. Wow, so maybe I am overthinking…I wasn’t sure the point would come across if I wasn’t at the beach, but I could have picked a different resort to Bound as? I just didn’t think I already owned clothes to do any others….DO YOU SEE MY PROBLEM?!

This weird pineapple getup was my attempt at DisneyBounding as a Dole Whip. No, I didn’t already have a pineapple, I bought a pineapple just to take these photos. I didn’t know how to pose with said pineapple, which resulted in the above photo looking like I’m in the middle of a football game. Maybe the pineapple was overkill, but then how would you have known I was supposed to be a Dole Whip??? I guess if I had pineapple earrings or a purse or something then maybe, but I don’t, I would have needed to buy those and I thought you weren’t supposed to buy things for only one bound?

If you’re still reading this, send help, I would definitely need it if I ever try this again.

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