Maui Update Part 2

It appears that I spoke too soon on Maui’s sugar seeming to go down. (Maybe I should stop blogging about this. Am I jinxing it?) It seemed like it was steadily going down, and I was testing him more than I had been before, but today and last night now he’s been running in the 380s.

I know blood sugar is a tricky thing, and it could be as simple as he ate more today than he has been (though judging by what’s left in his bowl that doesn’t seem like the case.) I guess I just wanted to quickly write that I will probably tone it down on the Maui updates because evidently I don’t actually know what I’m talking about.

This is just a short rambly post that I’m not sure technically counts for Blogmas but I’m going with it. I’ll probably share my next Maui update after his vet appointment next month.

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