Daily Recap – January 14, 2022

I have been trying to get up early and go for a walk or do something active before the workday, but I just wasn’t feeling it today. Yesterday worked out well and I walked the beach before work, but today I just wanted to sleep in a little bit…until 6 am.

I feel like getting up that early when I’m so tired is a little counterproductive, but I like to take my time waking up before work and getting into the cats’ morning routine so this works. I scrolled TikTok until about 6:45, then made coffee and got to work on some administrative tasks (organizing invoices, logging articles written so far this pay period, etc…) and spent some time working on a print brochure I’m editing. (All of this was done while still in pajamas in bed, perks of working from home!)

That took me up until about 8:30, when I hopped in the shower and logged into WordPress for my news writing job that would take up the bulk of my day. For this job, we need to announce what story we’re covering and then get to it, but my mornings get interrupted by Maui’s insulin routine. So I chose a story and got some of the formatting set up to write about it (title, tags, categories…) then stepped away from my computer to get Maui’s shot ready.

First I test Maui’s blood sugar, which he doesn’t love, and I don’t either when it’s high like it was today- 376. He needs to eat with his insulin shot, so I’ve been sitting with him on the floor next to his bowl to make sure he eats enough before it’s time for his poke, as a result, this takes a little longer than I’d like but again, perks of working from home. Once it seems like he’s eating pretty well and I can get away for a minute, I measure out his insulin dose in the syringe and get my own breakfast ready, today it was avocado toast and orange juice.

Then, close to 10:00 I am finally back to writing my first article of the day, which this morning was about one of the baby rhinos at Disney’s Animal Kingdom meeting his brother one the savanna, so something fun to start the day off with!

The rest of the day, aside from my break for lunch, I was mostly focused on writing Disney news. This consists of a lot of fact-checking, proofreading, cleaning up SEO in my articles, editing the part-time writers’ work, and finding photos that are okay to use. I’m trying to drink less coffee (I normally have three cups a day), and today I ended my caffeine intake with my 3:00 cup of coffee, so that’s something!

At the end of the day, I also wrote a history blog post for another Disney site and finally wrapped up the work I started the morning with on the print brochure I’m editing.

It was a long workday today with everything ultimately getting wrapped by 7:00. Normally I would start making dinner around 6:30 or so, but we have so many leftovers in the house right now that I didn’t cook tonight. Not cooking was a solid choice because I haven’t had a chance to get anything done around the house today like I would on a slower news day working from home.

After cleaning up the house for a bit, I journaled (still haven’t missed a day of journaling for 2022!), read a little bit of one of the library books I have out right now, did Maui’s nighttime routine (same thing as I do in the morning with his food and insulin) and got ready for bed.

This sounds like kind of a boring day, but really work was a lot today and at this point I am pretty excited to just get to bed. Night!

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