Five Goals for 2023

Ever since I began writing full-time, I have struggled with writing for fun. That was my biggest fear about finally making the switch to writing full-time; if I wrote all day for work, I wouldn’t want to write for fun after work.

This has largely been the case, but I really want to get better about using this blog more, along with reading, and other hobbies I feel like I put off while working a lot. This post isn’t meant to be some kind of resolution-y nonsense since I can never really get into New Year’s resolutions (and I’m late writing this in February…) but I still just wanted to write out some goals….

(1) Write more for fun

On this blog, on, and on my books and a non-fiction project I started two years ago now. The Disney Outpost especially I have a hard time keeping up with now, one, because I (contractually) can’t write about the same topics there that I do for work, and two, the blog has become such a hotspot for Disney College Program information that it’s hard for me to gain a following on there when writing about anything else.

(2) Finish making my rug

This is kind of silly, but I started making a rug last year and I’d love to finish it this year. It’s a latch hook rug, so it is going to take some time, but I’ve been slowly doing a row every now and then while watching TV.

(3) Bike the Appalachian Trail

I’m almost 100 miles in so far, well, virtually. The Instagram ads got to me and I signed up for The Conquerer Challenge, so I’m biking the nearly 2,000-mile trail from afar via the Peloton in my bedroom.

(4) Read more

I’ve been reading less lately as another I think unintended side effect of writing full-time (it means I’m also reading a ton then, and sometimes after I work it makes me just want to do something mindless like scroll TikTok.) I really miss it though and I want to do it more so I’m trying to make this a priority for this year.

(5) Plan a vacation

…I need a vacation so bad…SO. BAD. Since Maui was diagnosed with diabetes two years ago, planning a trip anywhere has been extremely challenging. I love him more than anything, but this year we have to figure out getting him situated for at least a full week for us to go somewhere.

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