I Finally Tried DisneyBounding!


Sometimes I feel like I’m the only Disney fan out there who has yet to try DisneyBounding. (In case you’re totally unfamiliar– DisneyBounding is when you create outfits inspired by Disney characters with regular clothes, not actual costumes. It started as a way to get around the rules in the parks that guests over 14 cannot wear costumes, but it’s spread to a whole movement and now lots of fans Bound even when they’re in their hometowns.)

I knew I wanted to create a Cinderella look for my first DisneyBound, and I originally intended to wear it to Boston Ballet’s Cinderella last month. Everyone I’ve spoken to about DisneyBounding has stressed that you should start in your own closet with pieces you already own. I’m sure this tactic works out great for some, but as it turned out I actually owned nothing with colors that were even remotely close to being useful for a Cinderella-inspired look.


Long story short, I had to buy this entire outfit (so putting this together was pretty time consuming because I made sure these were pieces I’d wear again outside of this one day). As a result, I didn’t find everything I needed for it before I went to the ballet, so I ended up taking the outfit to Florida with me on vacation instead (and WOW was it hot posing in this sweater on a 95+ degree day in Orlando!).

Read the entire process I went through to create my first DisneyBound on castlepartyblog.com and check out some additional photos from this look around Disney’s All Star Sports Resort and Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa below. (+ If you have any tips for DisneyBound newbies like myself, please get in touch!!)






Castle Party Blog Launches the Kingdom Collective!

I established Castle Party Blog almost two years ago to create a departure from your typical Disney blog and to create more of a community between our writers and our readers, and this month we did just that!

The blog grew out of the Disney Outpost, which was my first post-Disney College Program attempt at continuing a Disney blog without having every other post mention what to wear to Traditions or how to find roommates. The problem with the Disney Outpost though was that it was too generic. We were caught up in publishing the same kinds of listicles you find on all of the other Disney blogs, and while we shared the occasional trip report here and there the site did not do well in standing out from the thousands of other Disney urls out there or making us a memorable part of the site.

In 2018, I totally re-branded and came up with Castle Party Blog with the concept that you can “party” wherever your “castle” is. Your castle may very well be Cinderella Castle at the Walt Disney World Resort, but if you aren’t local or planning at least an annual Disney trip, chances are that isn’t the case. Most days, my “castle” is wherever I’m at with my laptop, be it my kitchen table, office, Starbucks, or on occasion in the airport waiting for my flight to MCO. I wanted Castle Party to be a Disney blog where my writers and our readers could take their love of Disney parks and translate it into their day-to-day lives at home, whether they be planning for their next vacation or wondering when the next movie will be out.

Most recently on Castle Party, I’ve really decided to run with the concept that your “castle” can be anywhere, and I’m thrilled to share that we’re expanding our content outside of Disney. I’ve already written some Boston posts, and I’m excited to dive into the idea that for Disney fans, this idea of a “castle party” can exist anywhere, be it a Disney park, your favorite local museum, or a road trip from Boston. As part of this slow (but deliberate) expansion, I’m also planning to add more lifestyle posts, and maybe some recipes, reviews, and things like that. Disney is still the focus of course, but us Disney fans also need to eat and explore local attractions, so why not write about these topics as well?

Earlier this month, we announced the debut of the Kingdom Collective! The Kingdom Collective is a collaborate effort run by myself and Chaz from Castle Party Blog, Jenn from Will Save for Travel, and Megan from Magically Megan. Together each of us brings something different to the table, and we’re hoping that it will be easier to grow and support a community of Disney fans from around the world within the group if we collaborate.

The group features weekly Q&As where everyone can get involved and share what’s going on in their lives, or their favorites from the week or month in Disney. As the group grows, we also hope to see it become a resource for those planning Disney trips and just looking for other ways to add some magic to their daily lives.

Join the Kingdom Collective today to start sharing your experiences and to get to know everyone else in the community!

If you have any questions about our new initiative, leave a comment below or send an email to bdicologero@gmail.com.